Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Guide 2

The last blog got us to stage where we have imported our images, copyrighted them and keyworded some of them. Lr will allow you to store a plethora of data with your images. Really depends on you how much you want to do or need to do because of your job. (If you’re a press photographer, supplying stock photos to an agency etc you will need to carefully to consider the copyright, metadata and IPTC data you need to import).

Lets get organised. All the stuff for this is in your left panel. First, so you know where your images are stored right-click an image and Goto Folder in Library. Lr then shows you the folder that the image is in together with all the other photos in that folder. To make doubly sure its there you can right-click and Show in Finder and that actually takes you to the image on the PC.


Lets say we have some holiday snaps and you have 2 folders that those images are in. Spain 2014, USA 2015. These are your holidays so why not make them into collection of all your holidays? Click the + on the Collections tab and Create Collection Set. Call it My Holidays and un tick location if it’s ticked. Lr will create the folder inside the Collections tab. Right click on that folder and Create Smart Collection. Name it Spain 2014 and under ‘match all following rules’ go to  Rating > Other Metadata > Keywords then on that line choose  ‘contains all’. A smart collection gathers pictures that refer to rules you set. In the last blog we keyworded our Spain pictures ‘Spain 2014′ so hey presto now you have the images you keyworded “Spain 2014’ in that collection. Keyword USA 2015 and create another smart collection. The best thing about smart collections are that if you find a rogue image in a another folder that should belong to Spain 2014 than simply keyword the image. and it will be included in your smart collection even if it’s not in the right folder in your library. Check all the other rule options you have. The combinations are endless.

Keywording other Images

There are many ways you can assign keywords to images. Here I am only going to deal with the most efficient.

CMD-SELECT . This is easy.

Hold down cmd and click on images. They will highlight, Hit cmd-k which will highlight the keyword input in the right panel and add keywords that apply to the highlighted images. Done.

Painter tool. Brilliant piece of kit. Select the tool and put some keywords in the box to the right of it separated by a comma.

Pick up the spray paint tool and spray the images you want to include the keywords. Be careful. You can drag select on images so make sure you only highlight and select the ones you want.

Underneath the keyword panel there is Keyword Set. You can create sets of keyword you may use frequently. You could create a Family set and put the names of your beloved relations in there.

Pick up the spray paint tool again and hover over an image. Press the shift key and the Keyword Set panel appears under it. You can now change the keywords you spray and change keyword sets.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.29.17

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