How to auto update a watched folder in Photo Mechanic with EOS Utility and OSX.


The auto update feature in Photo Mechanic has had reliability issues. It relies on the tethered software to let the OS know that the folder contents have been updated otherwise you are constantly hitting cmd+/ to refresh the contact sheet manually. Here is the way to set up EOS utility to inform PM that the folder contents have changed.

Set up Photo Mechanic and EOS Utility

First, set up PM to auto refresh. This is found in Preferences > Contact Sheet


Next open EOS Utility and go to preferences. Set up the destination for your watched folder.eospref.jpg

Then go to Linked software and browse (register) Photo Mechanic and the file types you need it to recognise.


Thats it. Shoot away and the contact sheet will be continually updated.

Tested on MacBook Pro. OS 10.12.6 PM5 EOS ver.3

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