Get Image Shoot Data

If you post a lot of images to forums and blogs many times you may have to provide the image shoot data. Shutter speeds, ISO, f stop etc. Retrieving this info from Ps or Lr can be a laborious process but on a Mac with AppleScript and Exiftool the task can be made easy.

Install and Download

First you will have to install a terminal application called ExifTool. Download from here and complete the install.

Then download this zip file

It contains two small applets. Drag any image over one of the applets and it will display the shoot data. This is the basic data.

Use shift-click to select the info you need and the OK. The info will then be copied to your clipboard.

The Get all image data applet, which is scrollable, will have all the info for that image.


  1. Kam R says:

    Thank you, this is very useful! For the “Get Basic Data” applet, after selecting the info, I clicked OK, on my Mac I got a warning that applet is trying to make changes. I accidentally clicked “Don’t Allow”. When I click OK, the basic data info box disappears but nothing is copied to the clipboard.

    I have deleted the applets, downloaded again, but that did not help. Interestingly, it does copy data to clipboard when I do the same in Get All Data applet.


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