Why Casting directors want your headshot to look like you?

In these days of the glamorous selfie some people have a warped idea of what they look like rather than what they actually look like? Research any casting directors’ thoughts on headshots on either side of the Atlantic and you will hear one piece of advice time and again. “Look like your headshot!” The Casting Directors Association (UK) recently tweeted some guidelines about headshots. They said plainly.

“Tip 10: Ensure your photo actually looks like you we want to recognise you when you come in! #CDATips #Headshots

I am convinced that the rise in self taping and requests for an un retouched selfie as a backup to your headshot is a direct result of casting directors not trusting the headshot to look like you. Infact you might be rejected because your headshot looks too ‘perfect’.

In this video casting directors at Subtitle Film Festival spoke to Spotlight about what makes the ideal headshot for actors.

What do Casting Directors Say

Your Brand as an Actor

Trusting your headshot to look like you has it’s advantages. Firstly your not going to disappoint a CD and secondly you know before you have got into the room that you are exactly what the CD wants to see. That should give you a lot more confidence in your appearance and will help you project your type/brand during the audition. Knowing your type/brand will also help you communicate your energy in a headshot session.

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