I’m a bit of a geek at heart. If I have to do something more than twice I automate the process. Get under the bonnet of your Mac and discover what Applescript and Filemaker can do for your efficiency.

Automated photography workflows. Not sure this stuff is for you? Have another think. If you’re  a photographer shooting 1 job a week you can do all your admin manually. You have the time. But lets say you got busy…really busy. You would probably have to employ someone to do your admin for you. You earn your money taking pictures, not doing your admin.

Lets define admin. Its not just paperwork! Its everything else you do other than take the pictures. Downloads, uploads, rename, reprocess, cataloguing, emails, diary, etc. All these things are important to the running of your business but none of them earn you money directly.

If you could automate some of those processes then your life would be easier. Right? Also through automation you won’t make mistakes with your processes.

Put it this way. It doesn’t matter if I am shooting 2 people in the studio or I have 5 photographers shooting 300 kids in a day I can still easily process all the images and information.



  1. arus says:

    Yes, automating a workflow is imperative to anybody wishing to reduce the lag and time spent repeating the same old thing.

    What I was interested in was seeing was how your use of “Image Events” via applescript. It’s surprising to see the real lack of concise and guided material on the internet around the topic of image manipulation via scripting, of any sort.

    I’m playing with the automation process with apps like GraphicConverter, Image Events, Preview, SnagIT, FineReader, Imagemagick and several others, and thus far (17/10/2017) there’s no repository of scripts covering the full gamut of a particular app. I must be in another dimension here.

    Each gui app manual does a magnificent job and can not be passed over, for thats the basis by which they were created. The backend of opening doorways to using scripts that interface these apps are like walking in the sahara desert looking for water…

    Certainly there’s differences between syntax on the macOS platform one is using, which is somewhat of a trial-an-error process.

    If you have any tips along these lines, I would certainly come back and look.

    So the gotcha right now is the conversion of an image from one format to another, I know you’ll think this is very basic, however I sure you after searching for days now I’m surprised the upkeep of scripting information on this subject.

    GraphicConverter has no current accurate info for applescript on this.
    Image Events has vague links to converting from png to jpg.
    Preview is frustrating in that is half script and half guy to implement.
    SnagIT has almost zero scripts, yet is used by many.
    FineReader is an OCR and the scripts are so sparse that using the dictionary to solve the syntax is pointless.
    Imagemagick is a solid workhorse and does the job perfectly via shell scripts and time to learn the syntax, plus having to install low level via brew was not what I wanted to do.

    I think this got away on me here… Was thinking a short message, this is more than enough.

    Regards, arus


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