Mirrorless (Fuji XT-1) v DSLR debate

Mirrorless (Fuji XT-1) v DSLR debate

Why I am selling my mirrorless system (Fuji XT-1) I have been using two Fuji XT-1’s for nearly 3 years. After using Canon for 35 years the honeymoon period for the Fuji is most definitely over and I can now coldly evaluate how well this camera performs in my professional world. All the criticisms below […]

DSLR v Mirrorless. The Switcher Debate – 2

This is not really a competition between DSLR v Mirrorless. As I said in a previous post I would not go out and sell all your DSLR to buy mirrorless. The cameras do different jobs in different way but they both do great jobs. There was some debate in the previous post concerning resolution and sharpness. My argument […]

DSLR V Mirrorless. The Switcher Debate.

For some background check this post first. The problem with writing about cameras is that there is always a bunch of techo togs out there who bombard you with specs about why this and that camera out performs another . (“If you enlarge 5000% you can see a slight degrading in her eyelashes due to […]