Photography Workflows. Applescript, Filemaker & Lightroom

Please check the other blogs concerning Photographic Workflows before launching into this one. With the others we have built a basic database in Filemaker and control the importing of images through Applescript.

With this tutorial we will import images and then open them in Lightroom through the database.

Your will need to download the new database here.

A copy of the Applescript that imports the images is here.

What I have done is now include the Applescript as part of the database design. It is actioned by way of a button on the layout. The Applescript can be viewed and edited under the scripts menu.Filemaker

Create a new dummy client and add some details. Press the Import Images button and point the script at a folder with the images you wish to import. You will notice that in previous versions of the script you had to choose indivdual images. This has now been changed with the help an Applescript handler.


Script handlers are bits of code in their own ‘box’ that do stuff and can be re used with different parameters. Write this code in your applescript editor and hit the run button. The handler is called by the script using its name and parameter. In this case displaydialog(theText). The parameter (theText) can change depending what you set it to.

The handler that converts the chosen folder for you to import images into file paths for those images works in the same way as this. Its called createALIASlists(pathtoFolder) and is found towards the end of the import script

Now you have your images imported what about loading them in Lightroom. Lightroom is not an Applescriptable application but you can get it to open the import window to load your images. Press the button Import to Lightroom in the database and you will see the import window of Lightroom open with your images. Make sure Add is highlighted at the top of the window and don’t rename your files. Click import and your done.

Absolute Beginner Lightroom

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